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09.05.07 Speaker Surgeon
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Jim Finn Studios - Featured Project


Launch Date:
Speaker Surgeon
Project Title:
"Web Development Project"


Harnessing the power of viral marketing, Jim Finn delivered the Speaker Surgeon web application complete with SQL Server Database using Visual Studio 2005 and ASP.NET 2.0 using C#.




Jim Finn
3627 Morning Cove Lane - Katy, Texas - 777449 - (281) 757-1864
E-mail: / Web:

  • My objective is to obtain a challenging position in a Computer Science related field, with a focus on Intranet/Internet Development.
  • Architectures: SPARC 1,4,5,20,Ultra; Intel 386,486,586,Pentium's; Commodore
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows NT Server/Advanced Server and Workstation 4.0/2000/2003, Microsoft Windows 95/98/2000/XP, SunOS Solaris (System V R4 UNIX), Linux.
  • Languages: Active Server Pages (ASP), VB/COM, C, C++, Java (AWT, Swing, Applets, JDBC, Threading), HTML, UNIX (shell scripts, Perl, awk, sed), VBScript, SQL/Transact SQL, CSS, JavaScript, DHTML, UML, and Lisp.
  • Software: Dreamweaver Studio MX, VS.NET, SQL Server 2000 (Stored Procedures, T-SQL), FrontPage 98/2000/2002, Rational Rose, HomeSite 4.51, Netscape, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office Professional, Fireworks MX, Flash MX(ActionScript), IIS 5.0, iMail, Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0, Microsoft Works, Adobe Photoshop, Webtrends, FTP, Telnet/SSH, Zone Alarm 3.0, Secure IIS, Pro Tools, HTMLDoc, FaxPress, and Sound Forge.
  • Computer Science Courses: Data Structures, Operating Systems, System Programming, Programming Languages (OO, OOD, OOP) Object-Oriented Systems, Software Engineering, and Database Management
  • Current Studies: Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD)


November 2001 to Present -
Flow Products, LP Brookshire, TX
Senior Web Application Developer / Corporate Webmaster

  • Maintain and support N-tier web applications based upon ASP, VB6, COM, HTML/CSS, IIS, SQL Server 2000, and JavaScript technology.
  • System and Database administrator for corporate Internet and Intranet Web servers. Ensured design and development incorporate reliability, security (patches & Updates, Virus Monitoring), serviceability, usability, server configuration, maintenance and monitoring, server performance tuning and capacity planning, and backup and recovery of servers
  • Support the on-going development and integration of current web sites and applications to support business initiatives including integration with Oracle ERP and CRM applications
  • Under minimal direction, perform the tasks associated with developing and maintaining Internet and Intranet web sites and multiple web applications.
  • Work in collaboration with marketing departments to create and modify web pages and post them on Internet and Intranet Web servers. Communicate with a variety of users who want content published in web format either to the Internet or the Intranet.
  • Converted files between various formats including, but not limited to, word processing, spreadsheet, Adobe PDF, Real Audio and Video, HTML.
  • Develop advanced new initiatives, with an emphasis on e-commerce in Web Publishing, HTML, VB script, WSH scripting, Active Server Pages, ActiveX/Active Directory, Java Script, and MS SQL Server
  • "Web-enable" access to information residing in databases on servers with read-only and read/write capability. Capable of maintaining web site content in flat file and database form. Organized layout for more intuitive navigation

June 2001 to November 2001
Independent Internet Consultant
Independent Internet Consultant

  • Developed e-commerce directory listing web application using SQL Server 2000/ASP and Flash handling all facets of the merchant account.
  • Initiated system design and analysis with business and telemarketing teams
  • Consultations on business model and strategy

June 2000 to June 2001 - Technologies Inc., San Antonio, TX
Senior Web Programmer

  • Extensive experience in HTML development, Flash, JavaScript, PhotoShop, Fireworks, DNS, TCP/IP, SSL, Digital Certificates, ASP, and SQL Server 2000 using an N-tiered approach in an NT environment
  • Designed all facets of web applications including, but not limited to, development, designing, testing, updating and implementing
  • Successfully formulated project management tasks
  • Continuous troubleshooting within Internet/Intranet programs and HTML errors
  • Identified new strategic opportunities to streamline and increase business work flow
  • Developed an affiliates program that provided aggressive marketing programs and generous commissions
  • Initiated system design and analysis with business development team
  • Performed systems development, integration, and support activities, as well as, maintenance and enhancements of existing site
  • Successfully changed and recalculated multiple priorities with excellent analytical, written, and oral communication skills

June 1999 to June 2000 –
Ultramar Diamond Shamrock, San Antonio, TX
Corporate Webmaster

  • Effectively managed intranet for Fortune 200 Company by setting standards, advising department heads, and overseeing all intranet sites on day-to-day web operations
  • Supervised technical architecture and development of web site
  • Architected web-based, role and skill based workflow system for managing editing projects, payroll, and editor network
  • Developed applications in DreamWeaver Ultradev, FrontPage 2000
  • Interfaced with SQL Server/Sybase and SMTP Mail Server
  • Produced intranet/internet Web applications using ASP, JavaScript, HTML/DHTML and Flash
  • Created and conducted FrontPage 2000 and Intranet/Internet standards user training classes
  • Developed electronic forms and applications for Shamrock Federal Credit Union utilizing Java applets which interacted with client side databases, web enabled PDF forms, and Silverstream

September 1998 to June 1999 –
The University of Texas, San Antonio, TX
Webmaster / Administrator

  • Developed CGIs for dynamic content generation, database interaction, gathered statistics/user information and basic form processing for the UT Departments
  • Analyzed and maintained site/user statistics
  • Utilized extensive CGI Perl scripting in UNIX environment
  • System Administration and Web Authoring in HTML, JavaScript, CGI, Perl scripts and HTML on NT and Unix/Solaris environments
  • Initiated Web enabled Intramural Calendar which resulted in reduced costs
  • Designed photo gallery for multiple intramural sports
  • Established rapport with department heads by working closely with them to define and implement the technical and creative infrastructure Internet applications

August 1997 to September 1998
Independent Internet Consultant

  • Developed flash splash page for network security company –
  • Manipulated graphics for use on the web
  • Organized layout for more intuitive navigation
  • Developed animation in Flash
  • Delivered cutting edge technology by updating and modifying existing web site


December 2000 -
University of Texas, San Antonio, TX B.S. Computer Science


  • Historian/Webmaster of ACM Cyberbytes
  • Student Member of ACM/Member of Cyberbytes (UTSA CS Club)
  • Internet Development Projects

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